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Customers Have Choices – UltraHosting Understands.

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From the CEO and Presidents offices through to our selected partners, everyone understands that servicing our customers is an honor. Customers in fact have choices on where they host their IT solutions. We believe that our differentiators in the marketplace are unique; however we must prove it every single day. We should not take any customer for granted or rest on our laurels but should continuously expand our knowledge and always treat our customers as we would like to be treated.

Making UltraHosting Unique: Words are fine, but actions build success. It is the ongoing commitment from our team that our actions if done properly will aid in your success. To achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction we invest in our staff, processes and systems continuously.

UltraCertified™: Certainly a play on words, the meaning of UltraCertified goes beyond a complacent requirement. It tells our customers, our staff, our partners and our investors that we strive to learn beyond normal standards.

UltraSupport™: No matter where you travel within our UltraHosting hosting world you will find the term UltraSupport™. It’s not a catch phrase or slang of the month; it is delivered and built into the fiber of each and every employee at our organization. Our philosophy is reinforced with monthly staff recognition awards, consistent internal communications and constant training. Further, the term UltraSupport™ is not new to us; we have been using it for almost a decade.

SAS70 Certification: Great outcomes don’t come by chance. Investment in process is the key to building a consistent successful outcome. A SAS70 certification is among the highest levels of attainable process controls. When combined with employee training, our customers should expect tried and true consistent processes for security, administration, support and implementation.

CICA5900 Certification: Using similar ITIL type processes as SAS70, a 5900 certification provides confidence to financial institutions that UltraHosting has been audited and has successfully completed the appropriate tasks and processes to support highly available and secure systems.

ITIL Certification: All members of the UltraHosting technical team are trained and certified in ITIL processes. This means that all customers are treated with an organized and well documented routine as well as retaining a comfort that multiple steps are checked and double checked before any implementation occurs.