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Spread the word about UltraHosting and get 100% of your referral’s hosting fee for one month. That means that if you refer a customer who takes a 10-server deal at $2,000 a month, you’ll earn $2,000! The UltraHosting Affiliate Program is simple and there are no limits to your earning potential.

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No limits to your earning potential.

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For both individuals and organizations, the UltraHosting Affiliate Program is an ideal way to earn commissions for simply referring qualified customers to UltraHosting. Just add a banner or text link to your website and then sit back and start earning extra money. It’s that simple. Each time one of your site visitors signs up for UltraHosting’s services and remains a customer for a minimum of ninety days, you’ll earn money. Because we manage all details associated with closing the sale, customer billing and customer support, simply adding that banner or link to your site really is all that you need to do.

How it Works: After registering with the UltraHosting Affiliate program, simply log in. There you can select from a variety of UltraHosting banners to place on your website. Once the banner or text link is added to your site, you’ll receive 100% of your referral’s hosting fee for one month for any website visitors who click on your link and complete an order for UltraHosting services. Register by visiting our affiliate page.