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Partnerships make us Different: With over 200 IT industry certifications, our relationships go deep with the very best hardware and software vendors. It’s no coincidence that many of the leading vendors seek UltraHosting out to invest their resources and assist in our customer demands.

Whether your needs include dedicated hosting, managed hosting or colocation, UltraHosting has selected key relationships with the partners listed below.

A Gold Certified Provider: Leading the way with 6 Gold competencies, more than 40 UltraCertified™ staff and lots of experience in managing Microsoft hosted applications and operating systems.

The world’s largest computer company has had a direct relationship with UltraHosting’s family for over a decade. A wide range of products support both our internal operations such as HP Openview and our customers dedicated server infrastructure ranging from servers through to storage area networks and software.

Committed to the very best in networking infrastructure, UltraHosting has installed and invested in core routers, switches and security systems developed and manufactured by Cisco. Our unique offerings extend through to denial of service (DOS) infrastructure known as Riverhead in order to match customized customer demands.

Virtualization is changing the computing landscape. Unlike others in the IT dedicated hosting marketplace, our extended team is heavily UltraCertified™ with VMware. This means that our customers benefit from the worlds leading virtualization technology and on-staff experts who can help you manage your growth.

Delivering the very best cost, security and performance for client/server Web and desktop applications. Our fully trained staff provides UltraSupport™ for your Citrix applications if required.