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UltraHosting Service Level Agreement

UltraHosting cares about our customers enough to commit that their web sites and applications stay running all the time. We call this our UltraSupport™. Our commitment is backed by this Service Level Agreement

Power and Cooling Availability.

Ultrahosting guarantees that its power and Cooling systems will be available 100% of the time excluding Planned Maintenance. Please note that outages due to power supply issues on a customer server are covered by the hardware repair and replacement section.

Network Availability

Ultrahosting guarantees that the UltraHosting network will be available 100% of the time, excluding Maintenance. "Network Downtime" is defined as an inability to transmit and receive data caused by failure of core network equipment managed and owned by Ultrahosting, excluding Maintenance.

IP Address Policy

All servers are provisioned with one usable IP address. If customers require additional IP addresses, they must request additional IP addresses by completing an IP address request form (form available at http://bit.ly/175u0xD). The form is to be sent to support to be processed.

IP addresses are strictly controlled by ARIN and your request is subject to ARIN guidelines and approvals. Additional charges will apply for approved requests of more than 8 (5 usable) IP addresses. For more information, please visit the official ARIN web site at http://www.arin.net.

Server Hardware Replacement

Ultrahosting will replace or repair any Ultrahosting supplied server at no cost to the customer within 4 hours.

This time frame is based on the customer informing Ultrahosting of the hardware issue, and arranging a maintenance window with the customer. The time to replace or repair does not include the time required to rebuild a RAID array or the reload of the operating systems and applications or changes to dedicated hardware during maintenance, as defined below. The customer is responsible to reload any customer installed applications and data.

Server Patching and Updating

All VPS servers will be rebooted/patched/updated on a weekly basis. This shall be done on Sunday mornings between 3:00 and 4:00 EST.


In the event Ultrahosting fails to meet an SLA commitment, provided Customer follows the procedures outlined herein, Ultrahosting will credit the customer's account the greater (5%) of the monthly billing amount for the affected service for each incident or the amount shown in the following table for network and power availability.

Power and Network AvailabilityCredit Percentage
99% to <100%%10%
98% to <99%25%
95% to <98%50%
Below 95%100%

In order to claim Credits, Customer must open a support ticket. The Customer may only claim one credit per incident and the credits for one month may not exceed the monthly billing amount.

Credits will be applied to accounts that are past-due or for accounts that are cancelled before the conditions for payment of the Credit are met. Credits will not be applied against past due balances or cancelled accounts.


Maintenance includes Scheduled Maintenance and Emergency Maintenance.

Scheduled Maintenance is any maintenance with customer is notification at least 24 hours in advance, or performed during UltraHosting's standard maintenance window (Sunday 2:00am EST to Sunday 5:00am EST)

Emergency Maintenance is any activity that in UltraHosting's sole discretion, is necessary to avoid or correct an immediate threat. Any Emergency Maintenance that results in an outage of 2 hours or more will be treated as Network Downtime.

This SLA and all Services are subject to the UltraHosting Terms of Service.

Please note that all VPS containers will have a cap of 10 MB on Non Paged Memory usage which is separate from the VPS’s total physical memory


Customer shall not be entitled to any Credit hereunder if Downtime is caused by:

  • 1. actions of the Customer or others authorized by Customer to use the Service under the Agreement;
  • 2. failure of power, facilities, equipment, systems, third party services or connections not provided by UltraHosting;
  • 3. application, software, or operating system failure,
  • 4. planned (including emergency planned) maintenance activity,
  • 5. malicious events such as Denial of Service attack, hacker activity, targeted against UltraHosting or a UltraHosting Customer,


Per the UltraHosting Terms of Service, all Microsoft Windows Licenses provided by UltraHosting are anonymous versions. The customer must comply with the following usage limitations (from Microsoft) for this version of Windows licensing:

Windows Server 2003 Anonymous (formerly known as Unauthenticated) Processor License

For Windows Server 2003, the use of the Anonymous Processor License is permitted when:

1. Access by a user from the Internet who has not been authenticated or distinguished by Windows or a Multiplexing Service (“known users”), and/or

2. User is accessing Windows solely as the platform of a server application; this excludes applications that have direct or indirect interaction with Windows authentication services (e.g. Microsoft Exchange 2000, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server or Microsoft Provisioning System).