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Our Employees - UltraTeam

The best organizations in the world have learned that happy employees are the means to a successful future and the building block for the ultimate in customer satisfaction. While processes, procedures, automation tools, infrastructure and other investments aid in forging a bond between the employer, the staff member and the customer, at UltraHosting we believe that respect for all stakeholders is our Secret Sauce.

Our discriminating human resources group selects only those prospective staff members who share our deep rooted honor to service our customers the best way we can. Of course technical or educational expertise is very important, understanding that our customers come first is a doctrine which we all subscribe.

Training: With hundreds of relevant industry IT certification, our commitment to our staff is to continuously train and enhance our knowledge base to ensure that our expert designations benefit our customers.

Benefits: Our team of UltraHosting specialists receives among the best medical plans in the world. It is our philosophy that rewarding our staff with the top tier of comfort will translate into an environment where the only focus remains with our customers.

Professional Ethics: When transacting business with UltraHosting hosting our customers can rest assured that our organization, our sales and support teams, our partners and our management all put ethics first. Since 1983, our family of companies has built one of the largest and successful IT organizations found anywhere. We are sure that has been built on the highest degrees of customer satisfaction.